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We design engaging and user-friendly interfaces, devoting attention to engaging visual design, concepting, information design, user objectives and user needs. We create designs for a diverse portfolio of applications. From single-purpose applications to complete ERP solutions, for the operation of primary and supporting processes within your organisation.

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M-effect offers all facets of digital product design. This includes concepting, UI/UX design, visual design and information design.

Are you only interested in a single discipline for your project? No problem, the options are endless!

We are experienced in a wide spectrum of methods for design and project management, communication with clients and end users, and managing design and implementation teams.


Shaping the contours of beautiful solutions..

To create digital products that are both elegant and effective, you need more than an idea. In the conceptual design phase, we answer essential questions such as ‘What is it supposed to do?’ , ‘How does it work?’, ‘What does it look?’ and ‘How do we maximise alignment with objectives and user needs?’.

Concepting enables you to:
– visualise and define your ideas
– test ideas in an early stadium
– rapidly gain insights into user acceptance and the potential contribution to business goals
– manage expectations and clearly communicate ideas in an early stadium
– save significant time and expenses in the following stages (design and realisation)

M-effect supports the concept development process. We act as a sparring partner along with generating and refining ideas. We also visualise concepts and guide the creative process from start to finish.

UI/UX Design

For the ultimate user experience.

M-effect designs user interfaces with the utmost attention and diligence – the only way to maximise ease of use and minimise usability issues. User interfaces must align with the user’s needs, knowledge, and experience. For application development, a well-designed user interface is as invaluable as it is crucial for return on investment.

With UI/UX design, you get:
– attractive and intuitive user interfaces
– an optimal user experience, resulting in higher user familiarity
– maximum efficiency in application usage
– fewer user errors
– time and energy savings

We design user interfaces that delight users. This is our commitment.

Visual design

Visual appeal sets your product apart from mainstream options!

Visual appeal sets your product apart from mainstream options!

Distinguish yourself with an engaging design, clear icons, well-chosen colours, and powerful visual imagery. Visual design not only makes for an attractive and intuitive product, but also contributes to understanding and comprehending usage principles.

Visual Design provides:
– an appealing and uniform style
– clear and complementary icons
– optimum alignment of your corporate identity in your digital products
– visuals to aid users in the comprehension of complex ideas, products, or processes

Did you know that you are highly influenced by the things you see? M-effect will help you create strong visual design for all your digital products and business applications.

Information design

Establishing a clear and orderly information structure is the foundation for a logical and efficient digital solution.

Structure is indispensable when conveying information and performing a complex digital task. During the information design process, we inventarise, assess, and structure information, as well as highlight the relationships between information objects. An application’s effectiveness depends heavily on the quality of its information design. Whether we’re looking at the navigational structure, the organisation of business processes, the layering of an application, or the logical organisation of data overviews.

Effective information design provides:
– logical and effective navigation, process, and application structures
– well-structured and categorised information
– logically selected data sets for process automation and data entry

M-effect, with its clear information design, supports you in the development of digital products and business applications. We also assist in the redesign of existing applications, where information design is equally essential.

How we work

M-effect is a small-scale, privately owned, independent design studio. Our area of expertise: the design of digital products and solutions. We are internationally-oriented, work both independently and in partnership, as well as on-site and remotely. Our headquarters are in Enschede (Netherlands), where our office also offers co-working opportunities.

Communication is in English, Dutch and German.

We believe in collaborations that result in growth, knowledge and development for both parties. Working towards interesting, inspiring and relevant solutions is one of our key drives.

In addition to our in-house knowledge and experience, we also offer access to our extensive business network.


Consult us for a specific design

In close consultation we will, for example, prepare a complete concept for your organisation, design a specific user interface, or a visual design.

Partner with us for your client

As an extension of your organisation, we participate in projects as concept developers, user interface designers, visual designers, and information architects. Together, we achieve client-specific solutions.

In-house design team support

We reinforce your in-house design team with additional capacity and specific knowledge.

Let’s go

Up and running in five quick steps!

To get started quickly – but not rashly – we work with five simple steps.

Within these five steps, you will gain a clear impression of us. In the process, we will assess whether we can offer you the added value we aim for.

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1. You share your ideas and expectations.

Send us an email with a short description of the product, application or solution you have in mind. Let us know what you are hoping to gain from our collaboration and within which timeframe – including any deadlines.

2. We review your request and schedule an appointment.

We will go through your request carefully and determine the specific questions we need answered to estimate the solution’s direction, scope and complexity.

We then schedule an introductory consultation.

3. Getting acquainted and discussing the request.

During the meeting we get to know each other and discuss the desired solution. We inform you of our potential contribution and request all the information we need to offer you an accurate proposal. There is, naturally, also time for all your questions, so you can determine whether we are a suitable partner.

4. You receive a custom quote.

We prepare a tailor-made proposal to provide clarity and consensus on the form of collaboration, the activities and the compensation.

5. Sound good? Then let's get to work!

After you agree with our proposal, we begin the preparations and schedule the project. Together, we aim for an inspiring and fruitful collaboration.

Getting in touch first? Of course you can! Feel free to contact us by email or phone!

Our motivation

“As a designer, I am always interested in how people use technology products. Often I see that these products do not align with users’ knowledge and skills. Then I think: how can I improve this product so that it provides more enjoyment and less frustration?
Is this just occupational hazard? Or is it simply that the human component in product and system design receives too little attention?

The obligation to improve the alignment of technology with human wants and abilities has been a strong motivator in launching my design studio. By combining extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of user interface design, information design and software development with a high degree of creativity, technical knowledge and analytical thinking, I make a difference every day for my clients and for the people who use the final product.”

Dennis Deursen

Senior Designer and founder of M-effect


Every project has its own unique challenges and learning moments, if not in design, then in business or project management.

We share our knowledge with you. We are more than happy to send you additional reference material. Feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to send you additional reference material.

Completed Projects

ERP Solution

Design of a comprehensive business and service platform, with a strong logistics component, for services involving medical devices.

For a service provider focused on medical devices (including high-low beds, patient hoists, oxygen equipment, AD systems), we designed a total solution to digitally support primary and secondary business processes. With cloud-based service portals for, among other things, the registration, management and storage of devices, the request for service by healthcare professionals, the performance of periodic inspections, cleaning, maintenance and repairs on devices by service personnel and technicians. Plus, the documentation of building structures, the planning and execution of transports and the delivery of devices and automation of the financial settlement of the work performed, services rendered and rental fees. The user interfaces are optimised for use in the office, in workshops, in logistics environments, in vehicles and on site at healthcare facilities.

Social Intranet

Design of a new social intranet as a platform for self-service, collaboration, and internal communication for a major player in the Dutch energy sector.

We designed a new social intranet, for a leading player in the Dutch energy infrastructure market, which is currently used daily by over six thousand employees and contractors. This intranet supports, among other features, digital self-service, knowledge sharing and publication of information. It has won several awards in the areas of user interaction and user intimacy.

Process design and modeling application

Design of user interfaces and concepts for a cloud based business process modelling application.

To design, describe and record processes, we designed an application concept and user interface. In it, processes are divided into clearly described process steps and then paired with user roles. The process model obtained can be extended with data entities, information concerning laws and regulations and instructional material. After the processes have been modelled, the environment can also function as a quality assurance system.
Unique aspect: if custom software needs to be developed to support and implement the designed processes, this application helps you to manage the software development in a structured way.

ERP Solution

Design of a comprehensive business platform and ERP solution for a medical products supplier.

For a medical products supplier, we designed a comprehensive solution for the digital support of primary and secondary business processes. Including cloud-based service portals for various target groups, with services such as:

  • prescribing, dispensing and ordering of medical products, requesting consultations and consulting patient information by healthcare professionals in hospitals and general practices
  • requisitioning and ordering of consumables by patients
  • planning and execution of consultations by in-house nurses
  • review and internal processing of orders by the in-house customer support department.

The user interfaces are optimised for various devices and use by various target groups, such as healthcare professionals, product consultants, customer support staff and patients in an age group of primarily 60 to 90 years.

Operations and Maintenance Interface

Design of remote management interfaces for radio base stations used in cellular telecom networks.

For a Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer we designed, among other products, the user interfaces for remote management (Operations & Maintenance) of radio base stations in the cellular telecom network. The user interfaces are designed for use by telecom engineers in control rooms and in the field. They include support for alarm management and configuration management. We also played a key role in integrating this software with the underlying embedded control software and managed objects.

Social co-working platform

Concepting and design of a social interaction platform for municipal policy improvement in the field of adolescent welfare.

For Regio Alkmaar, an alliance of the municipalities of Alkmaar, Bergen, Castricum, Dijk en Waard, Heiloo, and Uitgeest, we developed a concept designed to enable different groups of individuals to collaborate on policy improvement in the field of adolescent welfare. To achieve this, we organised three creative working sessions for various stakeholders, such as social workers, adolescents, and civil servants. We translated the creative ideas into the design of an online social interaction platform used for ideation and project management. This identifies and evaluates ideas and then executes the best ideas jointly as a project.
An interesting aspect is the way we align the platform to the world as perceived by young people. We applied travel as a metaphor for project management. When interested in participating in a project, you check in for a flight. The selected project members then join the journey as passengers to a final destination, with the project manager as pilot and the proposer of the idea as co-pilot. Using a playful, imaginative design – including gamification elements – we ensured that using the platform is as accessible and fun as possible.

Visualisation of Complex Systems in Rail Infrastructure

Visualisation of two product lines of a railway infrastructure manufacturer with the aim of explaining complex concepts and solutions in a straightforward way to potential customers.

To effectively explain several complex products and concepts of a railway infrastructure system to potential customers, we created a series of visuals, which clarify the structure and coherence of two product lines of this railway infrastructure manufacturer. The graphic material was developed iteratively, involving creative sessions with the product owner and engineers to generate ideas, share information and mirror (partial) results.
The graphic material was developed in isometric 3D so that it could be converted into an animation relatively easily at a later stage.

Global sales, services and branding platform

Conceptual design of an online sales, branding and services platform for the automotive sector.

For a global player in automotive afterparts & services, we designed the concept for a platform, including corresponding information design. This enables brands – including associated services – to be rolled out to affiliated wholesalers and garages. In addition to these services, the platform also offers affiliated organisations a centrally controlled, on-site maintainable, branded business website and service portal for its customers.

Generic UI concept for business application suite

Design of a generic user interface style as a guideline for the redesign of business software for the driving school industry.

We designed a series of conceptual user interfaces for a software company that develops products for the driving school industry. This series serves as a guideline for the user interfaces of a new software product to be developed, based on an existing product. This software supports the primary and secondary processes of small and medium-sized driving schools.

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